StarCheck and StarMate

The images below illustrate a StarCheckGenesis (check of five players with a single move) using a casual board with Andromi Formation. Does anyone escape mate?

The images below also illustrate a StarCheckGenesis, but three players can actually escape mate, resulting in a StarMate (checkmate of two players with a single move). Who escapes? How?

Can you actually imagine how long it might take before the first genuine StarMate (checkmate of two players in a single move) occurs in an actual game? StarMatePrime (three players)? StarMateNova? How many millions of games will have to be played, even using computers (when they can actually play this game), before a genuine StarMateGenesis might ever occur, even granting that it is at least theoretically possible? If you can answer that question, you may actually have the key to life. Would you like to play a game of chess where a computer still can't beat you? Here it is, and likely will be for a long time (there aren't even histories or library tables yet so a computer would have to actually think to be able to play it)!




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