The image below illustrates an ImmortalStarMasters Checker board set with pieces in their proper location:

Note that when a checker is in the central area of the board (within the circle marked by the Lines of Sovereignty, indicated by red arrows in the image below), a checker may move and capture in any direction. When a checker is between a Line of Sovereignty and the edge of the board, that checker must move toward the Line of Sovereignty when in its Home Territory, and toward the edge of the board (toward promotion to King) when in an opponent Home Territory.

The blue arrows in the image below indicate where a regular checker is promoted to a King Checker (when in an opponent territory). A King Checker can move in any direction anywhere on the board.

The Green arrow in the image below illustrates the movement of a checker on the board. The Purple arrow illustrates the movement of a Red checker jumping, and thereby capturing, a Yellow checker.

Any Home Territory that is not held by an active player cannot be entered. When a player's last checker is removed from the board, any regular checkers from other players that have not been promoted to King and yet are still located in that territory are immediately forfeit. King Checkers must also move toward leaving that territory any time they are moved unless they are capturing opponent Kings still located in that territory.

When only two players are across the board from each other, and no others are playing, the players may stipulate that checkers may only move toward promotion, even in the central area of the board. This rule is optional and must be agreed to by both players before the game begins in order to take effect.



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