Emperor and Alliance Rules



Many possibilities exist for Alliance rules. Under Tournament Guidelines, however, an Alliance still means the pieces of a mated King are unmovable and unplayable once a King is mated. Similar to regular play, the mated King's territory then may not be entered by any active piece. The mated King's pieces remain as obstacles on the board until they are captured by an active player and are thereby removed.


An Emperor designation requires that a single player possess thirty-six or fifty-four pieces at the beginning of the game.

Under Standard Emperor Rules, a captured King's pieces are unmovable and remain as obstacles on the board until captured, similar to standard play, and no active player may enter the territory of a mated King.

Other Rules

Players may decide upon other rules, but all rules must be stated, stated as understood, and agreed to by all players before the beginning of the game in order for a rule to stand at any time during the game.

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