ImmortalStarMasters (Rules)


Notation is indicated by (1) the color of the piece moved, (2) the piece moved (with King, Queen, Sovereign Bishop, or Guard Pawn status), and (3) the space to which the piece is moved. The space to which the piece is moved is indicated according to the color of the territory, the proper piece designation, and the number of the rank (rank one is the rank at the edge of the board, rank eight is one Bishop capture move from the Center hexagon of the board, and rank nine is one Rook Capture move from the Center hexagon). Rank Ten is the Center hexagon of the board.

The spaces between the walls and the Center of the board are designated as to their appropriate color (a wall's color is the color of the pieces to the right of the wall). Therefore, Blue Wall Six is the first hexagon in front of the wall which is to the left of the Blue pieces. Blue Wall Seven is the second hexagon in front of the wall which is to the left of the blue pieces. Each actual wall is comprised of five hexagons, so the playable spaces in front of the walls, to maintain continuity with the established ranks, are numbered from Wall Six to Wall Nine. The tenth wall hexagon would be the Center hexagon of the board, which is always just designated as the "Center".

The colors "Blue" and "Black" are differentiated by using the initials "Bu" and Ba".

The elements of notation are indicated below:

Mate Movement of Pieces Pawn Promotion
Castling Sovereign Bishop Emperor
Capturing En Passant Line of Sovereignty Walls
Queen Indicators Sovereign Bishop Pawn Pawn Movement

Keeping Score

Scoring is a matter of adding up the values of all pieces a player captures during the course of a game, plus the winner adds the score of the last player to be mated to the winner's score for a final score.

The difficulty level of the entire game may be obtained by adding up all of the players' scores at the end of the game.

Piece values are as follows: Pawn = 1, Knight (S) = 2.78, Bishop = 3, Rook = 4, Queen = 5, and King = 6. To score a captured piece, the value of the piece is multiplied by the value of the rank the piece was on when captured.

Values of Ranks for Scoring:

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